Wednesday, 10 February 2016


This is a formal term for weekly, especially a weekly meeting. I just came across it and liked it. Some words just feel neat in my mouth. 

I also like "Tom Bombadil" and "mushkamut," an Ojibwe word for "bag," and "albondigas," the Spanish word for meatballs. When I started to learn Spanish in Grade 6, the first sentence I remember learning was "¿Dondé está el albondigas?" Where are the meatballs? I think it's that experience that helped launch me on my conscious enjoyment of language. What a crazy first sentence to learn in any language! So we had a laugh, and for some reason I noticed the feel of those Spanish words in my mouth. It was a light, delightful feeling. The enjoyment has never gone away.

Have you ever thought about the way a word or phrase feels in your mouth? Give it a try. Notice what it is about certain expressions that make you smile. Maybe invite Tom Bombadil to your hebdomadal meeting and have some albondigas.

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