Wednesday, 17 August 2016


sockdolager - a decisive reply or blow or something very heavy. "That was some sockdolager!"

So, you're all sitting around in your new apartment after a bunch of friends have helped you move in. The four biggest people have collapsed onto the helter-skelter furniture and stare at you listlessly, eyes bugged out. One of them groans, "Do. Not. Ever. Ask us to move that #@$%$^@ sockdolager again. Not doin' it."

You've been sitting around at a meeting/party/potluck supper, feeling out of place and wondering what the heck you're doing there. Eventually you wander over to a small group and try to join in on the conversation. Things begin to improve. Someone smiles at your joke. You ask someone a question and get an animated reply. Better, better. You start to feel more comfortable and then someone asks you a tough question. You pause for a microsecond...and BANG! You deliver a perfect sockdolager, and the whole bunch grins and claps you on the back! Suddenly, you're a superhero.

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