Wednesday, 28 December 2016


When I started this blog I mentioned in my Welcome message that I love playing with words. I like the sound of some of them. I like the way some of them feel in my mouth, though I cannot explain why. Maybe it's the punch they pack -- like sockdolager. Maybe it's the easy rolling shape of them in my mouth, like onomatopoeia...not to mention the nature of onomatopoeic words themselves -- burble, spike and scrunch, for example. The visceral delight that some people find in numbers or in rhythm or in science, I find in words and sentences and the ideas they convey.

Not wanting to say a complete good-bye to some really great words from the last two years, I decided to re-post two of my favourite words: larruping (exceedingly) and sockdolager (decisive reply). For example: She made one larruping sockdolager of a come-back!

May you have a larruping good year! Happy 2017!

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