Friday, 10 February 2017

Writing Quotation

Fiction is the lie that helps us tell the truth. -- Tim O'Brien, author of The Things They Carried  and other short stories and novels

I am currently writing my first novel because I wanted, as an ally, to help shine light on a dark time in our history. I am using the "lie" of fiction to help me do that, to reveal some truths, to help us feel the terrible power of the actual lies that made Indian residential schools the atrocity they were.

The "lie" of fiction can also bring love and hope through characters who refuse to back down, learn not to give in. We readers find new strength, determination and other good things by reading about fictional lives. If the fiction is written well we wish we could actually meet those characters who have come alive on the page.

Those of us who write stories find ourselves wishing we had been clever enough or whatever-enough to have written the wonderful story...and then we're just glad that someone else was whatever-enough so that we could have the joy of reading it.

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