Saturday, 24 June 2017

Truth and my own sphere

Two years ago this month, June 2015, I went to Ottawa to celebrate the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's (TRC) six years of work and final report; to walk and listen with thousands of others; to hear then-Justice Murray Sinclair speak.

But what else could I do? The problems are so huge, the challenges so deep that I felt useless to achieve anything helpful. Finally, I printed and read the 94 Calls to Action in the TRC's final report. I realized that if I felt immobilized and insignificant, maybe others did, too. However, maybe I could take a small step within my own sphere of influence.

So today I decided to act on one of the 94 Calls to Action. Though I am no media outlet, I lifted wording from the Media and Reconciliation section, 84.iii, in an effort to help: "…provide dedicated…online public information on issues of concern to Aboriginal peoples and all Canadians…"

My commitment is to post at least five of the Calls to Action per week on my social media sites until I have posted all 94. I believe that together we can learn and act on the myriad ways to reconcile and heal.

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