Saturday, 15 July 2017

Walking & Writing - a surprising combination

This past Tuesday I offered a creative writing/shore walk workshop for 4elements Living Arts . Seven of us lucky souls scrambled and meandered along the south shore of Manitoulin Island at Providence Bay, Ontario. We wrote little snippets that flowed from the sensations we were experiencing that lovely afternoon. Mist and waves, sunshine and cool breezes blessed us.

On these excursions we're not looking for perfect writing form or brilliant verse. We play with sensations and ideas and the interplay between ourselves and nature. And then we write some of that down and see what we come up with. There is no "right" and no "wrong." Just exploration.

Here are two of the little snippets I wrote:

1) hidey holes, safe in ancient rocks -- rounded, scaled, chipped, stepped. Solid beneath my feet...or not.
2) Open hearts, open minds, open skies and freedom to explore. In, out, like water against the shore.

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