Wednesday, 5 July 2017


kairos - A friend of mine sends me wonderful words from time to time. This time I am actually remembering to use it in a post. Thanks very much, Helene!

Kairos is an ancient Greek word that means the moment when conditions are just right for making a crucial decision or taking decisive action. It is a qualitative word, as opposed to the Greek word chronos, the quantitative word that refers to measurable time -- clocks, chronology, etc.

Often I have wished for kairos -- though I didn't know this word -- for clarity about a decision I needed to make. Sometimes I have had that clarity, and those have been energizing "ah-haaaa" times for which I'm grateful. In general, now, I have learned to wait if the decision does not have to be made right then, and by the time it does need to be made (or when I am ready to see the best decision), kairos seems to happen. It's a wonderful combination of patience and trust.

At other times kairos just appears out of the blue. What a gift! When have you experienced kairos moments?

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