Wednesday, 27 December 2017


I like to play Scrabble and Words with Friends. On a fairly regular basis my opponents play words I've never seen before. This happened recently on Words with Friends when my computer-opponent played the word eyne. Never heard it. Had to look it up. Found out that eyne is the ancient plural of eye. Who knew? Well, perhaps Shakespeare did, but I sure didn't.

Eyne solves a sweet little quasi-dilemma in the land of love. If someone is the apple of your eye, what do you do with several of them? Now they can all be the apples of your eyne. Very handy.

On my little etymological adventure I went on to learn not only that eyne can also be spelled "eyen," but that the English language supports other versions and relatives of "eye" of which I knew nothing. Did you know that something or someone could be "eyeable?" Neither did I. And that if that someone is eyeable, then that makes me the "eyer." Sad to say, something might also be "uneyeable." I'm not kidding. It's a word.

So, although these words may have been undereyed until now, you must admit that they are now well-eyed and, perhaps, even overeyed. But then, surely, such things are in the eye of the beholder.... 

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