Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Having started texting just a few years ago, I admit to two things right here and now -- one, I love texting as a practical and non-invasive form of communication, as long as I can keep the texts fairly short, and, two, my big fingers make some mildly entertaining (and also mundane) mistakes. Occasionally the errors might even be slightly embarrassing if I weren't a compulsive (though occasionally lazy) proofreader.

So, for example because my fingers can't seem to tell the difference between the u and the i on my phone's keyboard, I have often typed "thong" when I meant to type "thing." For example, I was asked once about something that had nothing to do with underwear or summer footwear, but I typed, "What sort of thong did you mean?"

My fingers frequently type tje for the, os for is, ot for to, and U for I...yiu get tje udea. :-P

My favourite texting error lately was that I typed "goliday" for "holiday" – a rather charming error, if ever there was one.

As a last little point, I am often truly impressed when my phone can discern that when I typed, "This os tje time tp see what i dobwith thing and othwt wotss." it knew I meant, "This is the time to see what I do with thing and other words." Pretty impressive, really.

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