Wednesday, 14 March 2018

#WordWednesday...sort of

I learned this morning that today is #NationalWriteYourStoryDay, so I suggested to my Twitter and Facebook followers to do just that. I suggested they not worry about grammar and punctuation at first -- just get the ideas and words on the page. There's time to fix it up later.

And then I got busy doing other things and planning the next task that needed my attention -- all important and valuable for my writing and my writing business.

And then I read a blog post. It's called "Stephen King's 20 Tips for Becoming a Frighteningly Good Writer," by Jon Morrow. Excellent, helpful article about writing and blogging.

And then it hit me.

I was reading about writing and preaching about writing and planning stuff about writing and editing someone else's writing...but I wasn't writing. Not really.

There's a manuscript with my name on it, making its way around the Query Universe. It has add-on stuff that needs attention so it's ready when some wondrous agent contacts me to read more.

Two partial books are languishing in the "back drawer" of my laptop. They could use work.

OR I could also take my own advice and Write My Story. Today. It won't be long, since it's just a quick recap of one aspect of my life. Then I'll get back to the other things.

My Story
I don't remember actually learning to print, but I do remember starting to learn cursive writing. It fascinated me to link those separate little letters together and make them roll along together. My hand liked it, too. Writing in cursive felt so...smooth...and natural.

Then somewhere along the way, pretty early on, I discovered I also liked writing reports for school. I loved going to the library, piling big books on my table (satisfying smack that made the librarian scowl) and mining them for information. The pictures sucked me in, the words took me to interesting places. The feel of the books in my arm anchored me and told me I existed.

Fast forward many years, through several jobs where writing was only a sidebar to the "real" work. Into teaching and the pleasure of writing out lessons and helping students balance the agonies of trying to please a teacher more than themselves. Raising children and reading books to one another, helping them learn printing and cursive and a love of stories and books.

And now, here I am, grateful that writing is no longer just a sidebar, but the main event in my daily life.

-- The End --

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