Saturday, 20 July 2019

The Moon & I

Today is the 50th anniversary of the day the Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the moon.

Today is also my birthday, so on July 20, 1969, on the same day that those guys were bouncing around on moondust, I was turning 18. Sitting in my aunt and uncle’s sunporch watching the coverage of men in space gear doing something huge for the very first time. A July 20 birthdate makes me a Cancer on the astrological calendar, and guess what…the moon rules Cancer. I’d just graduated from high school the month before and was heading off to university in a month or so, and these guys are walking around on my moon.

As a new 18-year-old, I was old enough to know that the moon landing had nothing to do with me personally. My brain knew it was, of course, just a cool coincidence. But the rest of me was also young enough, and starry-eyed enough, and hopeful enough about life to believe that this was some kind of sign. Maybe an affirmation (though nobody used that word much in 1969) or a promise that was for me personally. At least, it felt that way to me.

In any case, it felt truly significant, and I’m not talking science, I’m talking life. My life. My place on the planet. Maybe I had some value, something of promise if this momentous event was happening on my 18th birthday.

Through the years following that moony day, I have occasionally remembered those grainy TV images, that girl, those dreamy hopes…and I have never quite escaped her rather sweet optimism and belief in the mystical. I still think it’s kind of cool, and I’m not really interested in dissecting it because, well, it’s just cool.

So, the other day I was telling one of my brothers about the whole thing, and he said, “That’s what I call a Day of Convergence.”

Oh, yes!

He had told me about his idea of Convergence a few years ago, and I agreed then that it was a neat concept, and one that I’d experienced on several occasions. According to the dictionary, “convergence” means “the act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity.” According to my brother Bill, anyone can have a Day of Convergence, a Moment of Convergence, any period of time that feels loaded with seemingly separate pieces that come together and feel significant. Times of Convergence are not something we can engineer or even anticipate. They simply appear.

Moments of Convergence are fun! They energize me and cause my inner self to float around in the lovely soup of chance, possibility, connection and hope.

And, so, on this July 20 in 2019 I easily recall that July 20 in 1969. Through the roller coaster of fifty years, through dusty times and bouncy times and dark sliver-of-hope times, I remember that girl with the moon and stars in her eyes, and I give her a metaphorical, time-ignoring high-five. I think she had things way more figured out than she realized.